Sunday, September 27, 2009


Making Design/Preview mode friendly in VS2008

We're all familiar with how Visual Studio doesn't make perfect use of the Design view for *.XAML pages. We also have fun getting the Design view to show itself:

Even after it's shown it's doesn't like to properly center the image. I found the easyiest way to make Design mode friendly is to add a TranslateTransform to the Layout root. Then manipulate the X and Y values until it shows up properly in the Design view:

   <canvas name="LayoutRoot">
       <translatetransform x="-500" y="-500">
   <!-- Control content ... -->

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


FullTrust a network share

When loading a Visual Studio project off a network share I recieved the following prompt "Running the application may result in security exceptions when it
attempts to perform actions which require full trust."

Located two excellent posts on this issue. Both use almost exactly the same means. Difference is the "-name" and "-q" arguments. "-q" enables quiet mode, which disables prompts.



shawnfa mentions this should no longer be an issue on a local intranet in this post:

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